Electrical Motors

The Oil and Gas industry presents some of the harshest challenges for electric motors. From off-shore drilling to the frigid environment of the oil sands, electric motors are a critical lifeline to the operation of these facilities.

At Rynafer you’ll find a full range of electric motors, generators, variable speed drives, soft-starters, PLCs, switch and control gear, transformers and industrial paints specially designed for the Oil & Gas Industry.

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We offer a wide range of MOTORS from many different brands such as ABB, SIEMENS, GROSCHOPP, KROHNE and many other famous manufacturers to ensure optimal oil, gas, and refinery facility up time. for more information about kinds of brands you can check Learn More

In addition to supplying state-of-the-art products, Rynafer  has the expertise to serve your company with prompt service all over the world.


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