Mechanical Parts

Regardless of whether it is the production, treatment or transport of oil and gas, each sector has its own challenges. For safer processes, high product quality and more accurate measurement, there is different demands on equipment and systems in oil industry special in mechanical parts.

A vast range of items for mechanical parts that are used including: Turbo-machinery and Turbo compressor, Steam and gas turbine blades and vanes, Generator expander, Turbine segments and heat shields, Burners, such as fuel oil burners, Combustion chambers, Inner casing parts, such as (discs, bolts, expansion screws, nuts, discs, pins, break holders), Spare parts, Insert rings for hybrid burners, Sealing-divided rings, High-pressure and low-pressure steam valves, , Actuators, Gear-couplings, hydraulic-couplings, Bearings and housings, Gear boxes, Journal bearings, Pumps and compressors, Tubes, fin-tubes and air preheater baskets of boilers.

Our company with the goal of developing and providing supplies for Oilfields and Power Plant projects, supplies a complete automation system, ideal for your industrial and petroleum construction equipment and services needs.

There is many range of products and our company has associations with several manufacturers, major mills, and suppliers across the world.For more details please check Learn more

So, if you are looking for a specific component, please contact us to find out more details and the ways in which we can help you.

For supplying “Kinds of Mechanical Parts” We work with known brands such as:

  • GE
  • AUMA
  • and many other famous brands.


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