The equipment used by hospitals, specialized clinics and emergency services, is critical to serving the needs of patient.

When buying medical equipment for any healthcare organization, it’s not necessarily just the orders that you’re purchasing. You’re purchasing all around service, and for that, you want to build a relationship with a supplier that you can trust, and supplier should understand your needs.

Rynafer, is also leader in providing medical equipment in turkey and around the world and have been one of the preferred suppliers of the healthcare industry.

When your focus is patient care, you don’t want to waste your time about negotiating for pricing and supply details. Having a supplier that meets the majority of your hardware needs, is essential.

Our company has been established with a global vision to fulfill requirements of Medical Equipment professionally and can deliver any kind of equipment from advanced manufacturers in Europe and around the world.


We provide a wide range of equipment in critical care and diagnostic units to ensure that you won’t need to shop around. So you will save your time.

Some range of healthcare supplies and technology covers all diagnostic imaging hardware, including Laboratory & Scientific Equipment, Medical & Surgical Equipment, Physiotherapy Equipment, Hospital Furniture, Wheel Chairs, M.R.I., C.T scanning, Ultrasound, Radiography and Fluoroscopy, Cat- Angio and Mammography and etc. Also Operating room devices including patient monitoring devices, surgical light and surgical table and emergency devices like defibrillators, pumps and ventilators are all available for facilities of various sizes.

Let us help you by supplying essential equipment in any part of medical industry such as hospitals, clinics and emergency services.

We will set up the schedules and allow you to focus on your practice and your patients.



At Rynafer , we have decades of experience to be equipment suppliers in the lab industry and have developed the most extensive range of laboratory equipment and services available.

The equipment we provide also helps in accurate quality control on process as well as in laboratories helping overall production process to be much more efficient.

We cooperate with most of the famous manufacturers of lab equipment and instrumentation to deliver the best in material and environmental testing and analytical equipment. This allows us to provide any equipment with best quality for Laboratories and manufacturing industries which enables them make advanced research for product development

We continually strive to develop new and original products, share knowledge with customers, and provide outstanding solutions for laboratories all over the world.


Our diverse range of equipment includes:

  • Laboratory instruments
  • Research & analysis equipment
  • Particle size analysis
  • Temperature measurement and control
  • Physical and chemical analysis equipment
  • Non-Destructive testing equipment
  • Quality control and R&D equipment for industrial applications
  • Consumables materials for lab, educational and research purposes
  • And many more as per your requirements